We are local people who have built a coffee bar that reflect our values.  Milk from a family farm. Almond, soy, and coconut options. Regular and gluten-free pastries from local bakers.  Handcrafted breakfast burritos.  Fruit smoothies.  Free wifi.  Event space in the lower level. 

Our hours:     Mon-Fri   6:30 -6            Sat-Sun  7 -6


We feature Intelligentsia brewed coffees, espresso drinks, and blended coffee drinks. 

Intelligentsia believes that coffees should be understood as a true collaboration, with both sides investing a great deal of time, energy and ideas to produce something great. At the end of this process, the coffee farmer who grows an award-winning cup is an artisan, and should be regarded as such. We believe human effort is the most critical factor in quality coffee and that the growers who do the best work should get the best price and individual recognition. 


For us, being “green” isn’t a trend.  It’s a way of life.  As we opened our coffee bar, we incorporated our concern for the environment into our business.

Here’s how we try to make a difference...biodegradable hot and cold drink cups, recyclable lids, cup sleeves made from 100% recycled fiber that are biodegradable and recylable, reusable travel cups made from corn resin (instead of plastic), reused, reclaimed, or repurposed furniture, and fuel for our cars made from used cooking oil.

Choices matter. We try to help the planet with ours. Enjoy your coffee!

Donuts on Saturday & Sunday!

Our friends at Do-Rite Donuts in Chicago make donutsfor us each Saturday and Sunday morning and deliver them fresh.  These doughnuts end up on every "Best Doughnuts" list!  You've got to try them to believe them.

Available at 7 am until we sell out each weekend day.